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Explore the landscapes that make each character unique. See how their education, careers, belief systems, circle of friends and own personal convictions help them answer their calling and bring change to their world. Each book brings together diverse, complex, characters  who must overcome their challenges and work together in order to fulfill their purposes.

When Tracks Fade Book Cover
When Tracks Fade

This novel is the first of the "Pitayta Gully Trilogy."

"When Tracks Fade" chronicles two distinct periods in the life of a newly-wed, Jamaican, doctor who has moved to Germany to live with her husband. When the harsh realities of racism and sexism threaten to derail her career goals and drive her to the brink of insanity, Millicent escapes through flashbacks to her youth on the island. Through one of her flashbacks, the middle-aged doctor meets with her younger self and relives the traumas, fears and unresolved issues of her childhood. Through this encounter she is also able to reconnect with and reclaim the source of her inspirations.

Millicent's account is typical of the girls growing up in her neck of the Jamaican countryside. Gender inequality and poverty plague the poor, farming, families. Millicent remembers the domestic violence and the constant anger. She relives the sexual assualt and the abortion. She recalls her own emotional abandonment and depression and she recounts the gang activities and the murder. They are her memories, but they are not her story alone. These things didn't happen in her home alone, they happened in many homes in her village. They were what the women and girls dealt with everyday and yet they still swung their hips and held their heads high when they walked.


Millicent struggles to understand how this could be. How could she continue living after all her misfortunes? She resorts to self hurt and isolation and suicidal thoughts torment her. She pushes past the darkness and musters the strength to help those who are wounded. In her acts of kindness, Millicent finds her calling and the strength to move forward with her life. She realizes that she is an offspring of the cool mountains, a daughter of cedar trees and progeny of the ever flowing rivers. Her roots run deep and if she survived back then, she can survive now.

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A Great House for Mary

This book is the second in the trilogy "Pitayta Gully Trilogy."

A provocative tale of mistrust, violence, friendship, and escape. A Great House for Mary explores a young woman's journey from the ghetto into a new life.

Born and raised in the Kingston, inner city, Mary is faced with the harsh realities of her environment as she battles her own internal demons. 

Mary- an only child, orphaned and left to the wiles of the ghetto and the Dons. She is given to Dan as his common law wife. Much has been prescribed for her but she must figure out who she is; a fighter or a quitter, a lesbian or heterosexual, condemned or free. She alone must determine whether she continues to merely exist or transition to live an abundant life. As she struggles to figure out love and to find freedom, she learns independence and forgiveness.

Dan- a trusted member of the inner city gang, is sent on an errand way beyond his capacity. Undecided about his morality and what is important in life, he must find out who he is.

Millicent- a doctor, vacationing in her native country is wrestling with her faith, the guilt of infidelity and the risk of losing her marriage.

This novel is about sins and secrets, heartbreak and betrayal, violence and passion, fear and faith. From the Jamaican countryside to the city, across the waters to foreign lands, Mary's quest is everyone's fantasy.


It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over. A Biblical Guide to Addictions Recovery, Journal and Workbook, the latest title from N. Forbes Matheis is something of a departure from their previous work. Order your copy today.

A Biblical Guide to Addictions Recovery, Journal and Workbook
  • ASIN : B09X64TGQH

This journal is designed to help people who are tired of being addicted and are ready to kick their addictions and embark on the road to sustainable recovery through God's grace and power.


In this detailed Journal and Workbook you will receive mental and spiritual healing through cognitive psychology and Christian counsel. Whether your struggle is with alcoholism or another drug dependency, this spiritual help journal will help you achieve your goal of recovery.

The journal targets Christians and non-christians who have addictions and substance misuse habits. It meets them where they are, and guides them, at a steady pace, to freedom in Christ.

It is divided into four sections. Each section provides practical advice, instructs on spiritual practices, and teaches skills for the development of Actions Plans. The skills, practices, and advice are all tailored to help with the daily struggles of addictions and substance abuse. Whether you encounter physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual struggles, this journal will make your journey to recovery smoother, by the grace of God.The activities are designed to help readers delve beneath the surface to find and face the underlying causes of their addiction. They help the reader to establish a sustainable course towards freedom and recovery as they rely on God.


The journal and workbook can be used as a supplement to the book A Biblical Guide to Addictions Recovery which is also written by N. Forbes Matheis and. is scheduled to be released on Amazon this June, 2022.

Woman Wise Up Rise Up

God's people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). But knowing and committing to God's word about you, your family, your health, your career, and your relationships sets the stage for your success (Proverbs 16:3). 

Although we know that God is the Only Wise God, many times, we stumble about in the dark, following ill advice or leaning on our own understanding instead of pressing into God's presence and gaining His knowledge and His strength. As women who are leaders in our homes, schools, churches and workplaces, we can't afford to perish and take others down with us simply because we lack knowledge about where and what God is calling us to. We can't afford to lose out on who He is calling us to be at such a time as this. As women, our identity in Him is everything! 

Woman Wise Up, Rise Up helps you to prioritize your relationship with God, develop a deeper level of intimacy and rise in His wisdom and grace. 31 days of:

  • Scriptural Meditations

  • Devotional Teachings

  • Focused Prayers

  • Journal Prompts

  • Feminine Expressions Color and Music Therapy

  • Bible-based Affirmations

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