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Jesus came so that all God's children can have abundant life. When Jesus died on the cross, He accomplished everything that He needed to do for us to live the life that God planned for us. But walking in God's plans and promises is no walk in the park. As Christians, we experience obstacles, tests and trials as we try to live according to God's plan for us. Some of the obstacles that we face are external and some are internal. Almost all of them have some spiritual root. Forbes-Matheis' books help readers identify God's call and purposes in their lives, teach them how to face spiritual obstacles and show them what God's Word says to help them overcome.

A Biblical Guide to Addictions Recovery, Journal and Workbook
  • ASIN : B09X64TGQH

This journal is designed to help people who are tired of being addicted and are ready to kick their addictions and embark on the road to sustainable recovery through God's grace and power.


In this detailed Journal and Workbook you will receive mental and spiritual healing through cognitive psychology and Christian counsel. Whether your struggle is with alcoholism or another drug dependency, this spiritual help journal will help you achieve your goal of recovery.

The journal targets Christians and non-christians who have addictions and substance misuse habits. It meets them where they are, and guides them, at a steady pace, to freedom in Christ.

It is divided into four sections. Each section provides practical advice, instructs on spiritual practices, and teaches skills for the development of Actions Plans. The skills, practices, and advice are all tailored to help with the daily struggles of addictions and substance abuse. Whether you encounter physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual struggles, this journal will make your journey to recovery smoother, by the grace of God.The activities are designed to help readers delve beneath the surface to find and face the underlying causes of their addiction. They help the reader to establish a sustainable course towards freedom and recovery as they rely on God.


A Biblical Guide to Addictions Recovery,

Text and Workbook

Now is your time to recover and heal!


Addiction is a disease of the mind, body and soul. It affects the patient, their family and friends and the entire community.


This Text and Workbook explains the origin, function and force of addictions. It gives step by step instructions how to pinpoint the strongholds of addictions in your life and how to achieve sustainable recovery.  If you or a family member or friend has an addiction, grab your copy today and start your healing journey.

 Available now on Amazon. 

Woman Wise Up Rise Up

God's people perish for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). But knowing and committing to God's word about you, your family, your health, your career, and your relationships sets the stage for your success (Proverbs 16:3). 

Although we know that God is the Only Wise God, many times, we stumble about in the dark, following ill advice or leaning on our own understanding instead of pressing into God's presence and gaining His knowledge and His strength. As women who are leaders in our homes, schools, churches and workplaces, we can't afford to perish and take others down with us simply because we lack knowledge about where and what God is calling us to. We can't afford to lose out on who He is calling us to be at such a time as this. As women, our identity in Him is everything! 

Woman Wise Up, Rise Up helps you to prioritize your relationship with God, develop a deeper level of intimacy and rise in His wisdom and grace. 31 days of:

  • Scriptural Meditations

  • Devotional Teachings

  • Focused Prayers

  • Journal Prompts

  • Feminine Expressions Color and Music Therapy

  • Bible-based Affirmations

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